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where we help clients place their staff on our payroll and we completely administer the employee benefit plans for such staff. We also manage the necessary statutory data for these employees on temporary services. We can also provide industry standard benefits customized to the client’s requirements for ensuring parity in employee benefits between the company’s staff and temp staff. we can deliver temporary staffing solutions at local, national and multi-national levels for almost every sector, including specialist industries.


Our RPO solutions are developed and implemented by our highly trained and experienced staff to specifically address your talent and business needs. Bringing this expertise to all of our RPO partnerships, we have the reach, experience, and geographic and technological infrastructure to support the development and execution of forward-focused strategies and programs. We erase borders, address market scarcity and overcome barriers that drag down other traditional solutions.

We offer full-time End to End Dedicated Recruiters

For all your Hiring needs ( Serving All Industries Globally )

70% Cost Savings
Round the clock Sourcing
Resume Screening in 3 Tier Structure
Job-boards Cost included

Application Services

Applications are the lifeline of your organisation. But if you have a complex IT environment with high maintenance costs, you may not be able to keep pace with market changes, new delivery models and technology advancements. You need a simplified, standardised, future-ready enterprise application environment. With our experience and a wide range of technology solutions and applications, we can help you reach a new level of agility to face tomorrow’s challenges.

IT Consulting

Technologies like IoT, big data, mobility, cloud, AI, machine learning, and automation are impacting enterprise business models and the IT landscape. Businesses are under pressure to drive competitive advantage and business growth by leveraging emerging technologies.

SG Technologies

A Recruiting Service Provider
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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We offer full-time End to End Dedicated  Recruiters

For all your Hiring needs ( Serving IT and Non- IT Industries Globally )

70% Cost Savings
Round the clock Sourcing
Resume Screening in 3 Tier Structure
Job-boards Cost included

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